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  Gallery :- Parts and Spares  
Horizontal Gear Box
With Helical Gears
Vertical Gear Box
With Helical Gears
Gear Box Internals
Gear Box With
Flexible Out Put Joints
Wheels Hardened Upto 350 BHN
From 100-500 Dia
Wheel Assembly With
L Tyoe Plummer Block
Snatch Block Spring Buffer Gearded Couplings
Full Flexible/Half Flexible-Half Rigid
Brake Drum Coupling Cable Trolley Cable Trolley Wheels
Electro Hydraulic Thruster Brakes
Size:100-500 Dia
Upto 68 kgs.
Cast Iron Current Collector
Disk Brakes Gravity Limit Switch
For Hoisting Motion
Rotary Limit Switch
For Hoisting Motion
Lever Limit Switch
For Long & Cross Travel Motion
Resistance Box Punch Grid Wire Wound, for all makes &sizes of slip ring motors Master Controller forhoisting & travel motions step 1to 5
Compact Shrouded Conductor Bus Bar Systeam Control Panel for all Motions VVVF Drive Panels
Wireless Remote Controls    


  Photo Gallery
  Home       l       About Us       l       Products       l     Services       l       Gallery       l       Clients       l       Query       l       Contact Us  
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