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Sprint Engineering manufactures a wide range of sophisticated single girder cranes, double girder cranes, jib cranes and gantry cranes for a variety of material handling applications - lighter handling purposes and for easy material flows in maintenance, warehouse and assembly operations; cranes for general engineering applications and machine shops; outdoor applications in open warehouses, ports and railway yards; heavy duty operation in heavy machine shops, steel warehouses, heavy fabrication shops and paper mills; and continuous operation solutions for processing plants, steel mills, automotive manufacturing and heavy engineering industries. Our cranes are custom designed to suit clients’ precise specifications.

We install a variety of windows with unique characteristics. If you’re looking for a little something more, consider these specialty windows for your window installation.

For restrictive space/ short head room applications, we have a perfect solution combining our short headroom hoists with imported gearboxes and critical imported components that have high performance, yet are very economical when compared to fully imported crane & hoist kits.

Sprint Cranes are available in a range of duties and class of capacities, from 1-150 tons and within a span to suit your specific requirements. Sprint cranes are designed as per the Bureau of Indian Standards specifications - IS 807-1976, IS 3177-1977 and IS 4137-1985.

Sprint cranes are designed for various class of duties :

  • Class I: Light duty cranes (hand or light power operated) for light maintenance and repair shops, light assembly operations and warehouses, where service requirements are infrequent and usage is less than 1000 hours per year.
  • Class II: Medium duty cranes for machine shops and general industrial use both indoor and outdoor application. Application is intermittent and usage is less than 2000 hours per year.
  • Class III: Extra heavy duty cranes for steel mills and other heavy machine shops, steel warehouses, heavy fabrication shops, paper mills, railway goods yard and foundries. Service hours prescribed for this class of cranes is up to 3000 hours per year.
  • Class IV: Extra heavy duty cranes for continuous operation in steel mills, processing plants and other heavy engineering purposes. Service requirement is frequent and usage is up to 4000 hours per year.

Salient features of Sprint Cranes :

  • Crane Structure: The crane bridge girder, crab frame and end carriages are manufactured from rolled sections with box plate design. All the main butt-weld joints of the web are strong and rigid, thus ensuring a rigid structure. The material of construction conforms to IS 2062, and the bridge is designed for minimal vibration.
  • Wheel Assemblies: Crane and trolley wheels are straight treaded and double flanged, manufactured from forged steel and are heat treated to a depth of 15-20mm. Wheels are supported on antifriction ball/roller bearings in special L-type Plummer blocks. Wheels of gear and pinion type are also available.
  • Gear Box: For medium & light duty cranes, we use hardened & ground shaft mounted Gear boxes of NORD, Bonfeiglioi or SEW make.
  • Crane Drives: We offer a big range of A.C. control packages to suit your electrical requirements, and standard crane and hoist motors and accessories from reputed manufacturers to ensure reliable operation. In addition, we can offer VVF drives for precise speed control for hoisting, cross and long travel motions, as an option.
  • Couplings: Flexible geared couplings are provided between gear box and rope drum to compensate for misalignment in double girder cranes. Also geared couplings are provided between gear box and wheel for cross and long travel.
  • Brakes: ‘Failsafe’ electromagnetic or electro hydraulic thruster brakes of minimum 150% torque are fitted on shaft extensions. For heavy duty cranes a second brake can be mounted to ensure failsafe operation.
  • Controls: Pendant control from the floor, master control switches and master controllers in the driver's cabin can be provided. Radio remote control can also be provided on request.
  • Cabin:A variety of driver cabin types are available – open or enclosed type, ventilated or air conditioned, and fixed at end/center of bridge girder or moving type fitted with crab. Standard accessories include operating switches, protective panels and safe ladder from the platform. Insulated matting, exhaust fan, fire extinguishers and driver seats are optional.

Please send us the following information with your crane enquiry, enabling us to recommend the most suitable material handling solution for you :

  • Application/Usage of the crane
  • Indoor vs. outdoor operation
  • Class of Duty / Number of hours per day of anticipated crane operation
  • Span (distance between crane rail centers)
  • Crane capacity (tons) for primary and auxillary hoists
  • Lift
  • Speeds – hoisting, cross travel and long travel
  • Speed preference for any motion – creep speed, speed variations
  • Operation from cabin / ground / radio remote
  • Special applications, like twin or triple crabs
  • Tandem operation – number of cranes working in the same bay
  • Safety requirements
  • Operating environment (hazardous and corrosive environments, high temperatures, flammable and explosive gases)

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